Tree & Shrub Removal

Removing a tree is not as simple as “just cut it down”. Most trees in our urban environments are surrounded by homes, out buildings and landscaping. Removing a tree requires knowledge of rigging, wood reaction, wood weight and proper cuts.

We pride ourselves on making removals as easy as possible on our customers and their property. We frequently hear “it doesn’t even look like you were here, except that the tree is gone”. Damage to property doesn’t have to occur and you the property owner should not have to call another company to clean up a mess. Quality tree care is achieved by taking a holistic approach to your entire landscape, not just the tree being removed.



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At affordable prices, our services include tree & shrub removal, planting, proper pruning, stump grinding, dead branch removal, firewood, 24 hour emergency service, and city notices to keep you in compliance. We possess the necessary skills, equipment, and crew to properly remove trees safely. We'll remove any tree no matter the size, location, or level of difficulty!