• Tree & Shrubbery Removal
  • Proper Trimming
  • Proper Pruning
  • Planting
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Stump Grinding
  • Fire Mitigation
  • Land Clearing
  • Fire Wood

Residential & Commercial • Leveling, Grading, Concrete Removal • Excavation, Preparation for Driveways, Patios Etc. • Land Clearing Preparation.Weed and Brush Removal • Landscape Material Delivery & Installation. Hauling in or out of Rock, Sod, Soil, Bark, Sand Etc. • Ponds • Drainage & Erosion Issues • Demolition • All forms of large & small, heavy equipment work

Tree Removal: Removing a tree is not as simple as “just cut it down”. Most
trees in our urban environments are surrounded by homes, out
buildings and landscaping. Removing a tree requires knowledge of
rigging, wood reaction, wood weight and proper cuts. We pride
ourselves on making removals as easy as possible on our customers and
their property. We frequently hear “it doesn’t even look like you
were here, except that the tree is gone”. Damage to property
doesn’t have to occur and you the property owner should not have to
call another company to clean up a mess. Quality tree care is
achieved by taking a holistic approach to your entire landscape, not
just the tree being removed.

Proper Trimming: Get your young trees off to a good start by having us professionally prune them. Many “structural” problems can be avoided by pruning trees when they are still small. Proper pruning gets young trees off to the right start, saving more costly tree trimming in the future.

Proper Pruning: All pruning cuts should be made for one of these specific reasons:

  • Hazards
  • Deadwood
  • Disease
  • Raising
  • Reduction
  • Developmental
  • Thinning

Pruning of your trees is one of the best actions you can take to
ensure the health of your trees. Pruning reduces hazards, diseases,
and allows the tree to use its energy efficiently. Thinning for wind
and weight resistance can help with the load of wind and ice. Correct
pruning cuts allow for quick and proper healing as well as enhance
the strength, flowers and vigor of your trees and shrubs. Climbing
trees with the use of spikes, gaffs, hooks, or anything that
punctures the tree while pruning is never acceptable. This only makes
the tree use more energy to heal these wounds. It takes years for
these wounds to become hidden from the naked eye and sometimes this
never occurs.

Planting: Tree planting is more than digging a hole an placing the tree in it.
Some city and HOA compliance’s, as well as the region, climate, determine
the type of tree you will plant. A 3 ½ in diameter tree, 15 feet
tall will weigh approximately 300 pounds. You will need the right
equipment do transport the tree from the tree farm to your yard. Care
must be taken with the correct hole depth, soil, compost, and
watering to allow the tree to grow proper.

Storm Damage Restoration: Storms may cause limbs
or entire trees to fail, often landing on homes, cars, other
structures or other trees. The weight of storm damaged trees is
great, plus they can be very dangerous to remove or trim. Trees B’
Gone has taken trees split in half and laying on the ground (as long
as the bark was not kinked), brought them back up by cabling and
bolting and they lived.

Stump Grinding: Stumps can be a distraction and an eye sore to many landscapes.
We have the ability to remove stumps in the smallest areas, being as
unobtrusive as possible to the surrounding vegetation.

Fire Mitigation: Requirements are necessary to insure the safety of your home in the mountains.
This includes removal of trees on your property. Wildfires are a
constant danger. We can provide you with excellent quality work to
achieve your goal.

Land Clearing: We can clear land of unwanted trees, shrubs, with a method that is
environmentally friendly. Should you be concerned of erosion, we can
mulch the area to avoid that. With our method, there is no erosion,
the mulch aids in the retention of the soil.

Firewood: We offer two (2) different types of firewood, by the cord. We sell local
hardwoods (elm, maple, locust, ash, and fruit-wood). We also sell a
city mix at a lower price.
We Offer Quality Firewood, its available
year around. We deliver, and dump it where you request. Insurance
policies do not allow customers to pickup the wood at our company

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At affordable prices, our services include tree & shrub removal, planting, proper pruning, stump grinding, dead branch removal, firewood, 24 hour emergency service, and city notices to keep you in compliance. We possess the necessary skills, equipment, and crew to properly remove trees safely. We'll remove any tree no matter the size, location, or level of difficulty!