Proper Pruning

All pruning cuts should be made for one of these specific reasons:


Pruning of your trees is one of the best actions you can take to ensure the health of your trees. Pruning reduces hazards, diseases, and allows the tree to use its energy efficiently. Thinning for wind and weight resistance can help with the load of wind and ice. Correct pruning cuts allow for quick and proper healing as well as enhance the strength, flowers and vigor of your trees and shrubs.

Climbing trees with the use of spikes, gaffs, hooks, or anything that punctures the tree while pruning is never acceptable. This only makes the tree use more energy to heal these wounds. It takes years for these wounds to become hidden from the naked eye and sometimes this never occurs.

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At affordable prices, our services include tree & shrub removal, planting, proper pruning, stump grinding, dead branch removal, firewood, 24 hour emergency service, and city notices to keep you in compliance. We possess the necessary skills, equipment, and crew to properly remove trees safely. We'll remove any tree no matter the size, location, or level of difficulty!